Are you:

·      An entrepreneur with an idea for a business that you want to launch?

·      Owner of a growing business and want to know if you have done everything to protect yourself and your business?

·      A creator of a brand looking to protect your intellectual property rights?

·      An established business owner needing legal guidance and advice on how to grow your business?


If you said yes to any of the above and are committed to investing in your business by obtaining the right legal support, you have come to the right place!


I have a passion for solving problems and bringing order to chaos.

I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses and help them to protect their business and their brand.


I manage and take care of the intricate legal requirements of your company - so you can spend your precious time working on building your business.


Schedule a consultation today to know more about how I can help you create your dream business!



Mission and Vision

At the Law Offices of Sehar Aijaz,  I aim to make quality legal advice available to entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes.

I work with my clients to ensure they can get the legal representation they need and deserve. 

How can I help?


LLC formation
Licenses and Permits
and much more... ​

Ensure your business is set up right


Employee contracts
Sale and purchase
Joint ventures
and much more...

Help solve your business's growing pains


Trademark protection
Dispute resolution
Legal risk management
and much more...

Assist with protecting and enforcing your rights



Wealth of knowledge

"Sehar is a wealth of knowledge and a great listener. I admire her approach on how she helps businesses as their legal counsel. She is able to organize the complex into concise and easily understandable verbiage."

— E.M.